I apologize for my disappearance but for the past few weeks I’ve been traveling and settling in to my new internship in L.A. at the Refinery Creative. I drove my little miata across the country from Atlanta to “Los Santos” and after 4 days I finally arrived at my new home! The transition hasn’t been easy and I find myself being homesick or more rather “personsick” more often than not but the days go on I guess.  The work I’m doing here is pretty awesome though and honestly the whole job is combination of things I’d be doing in my spare time (eating, working, fraternizing, reading books, cracking jokes and sketching in pencil). I feel pretty lucky to have gotten this opportunity and at the rate I’m going I’m not going to waste it. In the coming months I may be able to post work that I’ve done there so be on the look out but until then enjoy this phone sketch of the pool at my apartment. 


I’ve included a sheet full of composition studies from movies as well as a comp of my own. I made mine rather abstract but it was meant to feel like downtown L.A. or what I could remember of it in my brief visit. Also, yes that is Empire Strikes Back!!

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Greg Mitchell, Next program to learn…Excel! Finances are no joke.

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I did these doodles a few days ago at a coffee shop using my trusty ball point pen. One page is just mindless scribbles and the other I was doing some early development for an upcoming short film where a man’s arm is turned to machine! I know what your’e thinking “Yes, Greg we’ve seen that before,” but this time it will be different. For more organic and “animatey” something like the legendary Ryan Woodward mixed with myself. It’ll be months and months before official production starts but stay tuned folks!

Figure Drawing 2

Round 2 ding ding! I was back and this time just a little more experienced than before (I also had a better seat!). I decided to switch my medium from a mechanical pencil and sheets of copy paper to grey pastel paper and white/black conte sticks. I think that helped a ton and overall these had knock out improvements compared to last week. The ability to make broad elbow strokes not only saved…

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So yesterday I attended my first figure drawing session since college and I’d have to say…I’m terrible. I had always been notoriously bad at this for as long as I can remember and “lo and behold” by not practicing I’m STILL bad hahaha….possibly the worst in that session. I’ve spent the bulk of my practice time on color and light and now it’s becoming pain stakingly obvious that I have I hole in my game but I am determined to fix this issue. So from now on I will attend figure drawing sessions once a week to focus on my many anatomy weaknesses ( hands, feet, face….everything) until I’m satisfied. Take a look at session 1!